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It is important that we all do our part to help the environment. Our normal, daily activities are soon becoming more and more energy efficient. Recently, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has issued a new guideline for all TV manufacturers to follow. This new guideline is set to reduce the amount of energy each TV uses by 30% in efforts to help save the environment and will save you some money on the monthly electric bill.

With the holiday season approaching quickly, many consumers will be shopping for brand new HDTVs, whether it be for themselves or a gift for a loved one. These TVs, as you can imagine, use up an enormous amount of electricity – some TVs can use up to 500 kWh annually.

However, with the new EPA guideline, these TV’s will use 30% less energy than they used to. To put this into some perspective, if everyone in the United States purchased an energy efficient TV as cited by the EPA, the amount of energy saved each year would total about $1 billion. Moreover, detrimental greenhouse gases would be reduced by the amount of gas 1 million cars produce.

To reduce the amount of electricity consumed and reduce the gases emitted, the EPA requires that when the TV is on or off, it is being energy efficient. They also require that external power supplies are energy efficient as well. The last part can’t always be met, so the TV being energy efficient is the major factor in reducing electricity and gas.

With that being said, it is important that everyone who is thinking about purchasing a new TV take into consideration buying an EPA certified TV. If you want to know which television models are currently energy efficient, read the EngeryStar link below and you can search for the TV model you are interested in and see if it’s available.

Hopefully, many consumers decided to do their part in helping the environment and seriously consider purchasing an energy efficient TV.

Read [EPA] Read [EnergyStar]

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  • LEDLight

    Electrical saving lights using LEDs is another hot topic. I would think your lights are more used than your TV.

  • Bert

    In our country LED lights are a hot topic. I do hope more and more people start to understand why we need to switch to modern televisions so bad: it's just a lot better.