Android to get anti-malware software

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Protect Android with SMobile's VirusGuardSMobile is putting out some software to protect your G1 called VirusGuard. Android is a very open OS and plenty of people have thought about how to keep it secure. While Google has a kill switch for apps, that doesn’t stop you from downloading and running malware. This new application aims to protect Android from malware, spyware and viruses.

VirusGuard only costs $4.99 and you can get it through Will you need something like this? Android is built on Linux, but that doesn’t stop people from creating malware apps to make a mess of everything.

I am curious about what kind of resources VirusGuard will require to run. A background app monitoring everything that is going on could be a resource hog. I’m sure many of us have had our bad Norton Anti-Virus experiences. If you decide to pick up VirusGuard, let us know in the comments.

Read: [SMobilePress Release]
Buy the app: [Handango Link]

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