Netflix to stop used DVD sales on website

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Netflix has recently announced they are planning to stop selling used DVDs on their website. The last day for any subscribers to grab that used DVD will be November 30, 2008, after which all DVD sales will be passed off to a wholesaler in bulk. Personally, I had no interest in purchasing those used DVDs, so this makes sense to me. It will most likely save Netflix some time and money by getting rid of the movies in a large bunch, instead of shipping them out to customers a few at a time.

According to the Netflix Blog, this will allow the company to “spend the extra time focusing on continually improving our core rental business for you.” They also made a nice point that “this is in no way an indicator of moving away from DVDs,” claiming that they feel DVDs will be around for at least “the next five to ten years.” Of course, it is hard to think that Netflix is not beginning to plan for that time when DVDs will no longer be a viable option, and for the time when the Watch Instantly feature will see more use than the USPS.

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