Sprint to broadcast NFL games live

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NFL on Sprint phones

So, you like football and you like your Sprint cellphone. Unfortunately, you are not always home during the big game, or you don’t get the NFL channel where they broadcast a bunch of games per season and so you miss those big games. Now, you can enjoy all the football games on NFL’s exclusive channel straight from your Sprint phone.

The deal signed by NFL and Sprint started back in 2005 and they have now reached another agreement for Sprint to carry the 40% of games the NFL channel shows. The first game available on a Sprint phone will be tonight (11/6/08) with the Cleveland Browns playing the Denver Broncos. It’s unfortunate that the NFL season has already started, and so Sprint won’t be able to carry every game, but they will continue carrying the 8 games on the NFL network over the next 7 weeks.

Brian Rolapp, NFL’s senior Vice President of Digital Media and Media Strategy, had this to say about Sprint carrying their games:

“We know a lot of fans find themselves displaced, and they are using devices like mobile phones for more tasks. With 60% of our revenues coming from media, we’d be foolish not to do something like this.”

Now, the ability to watch these games are included in Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live package, a service that can be found on many Sprint phones. It’s also a part of Sprint’s Everything plan, a plan that costs $69.99 a month. In case you don’t have this plan but still want to watch these games, then you can opt in to get just the package, which will cost you $15 a month.

Overall, it sounds like a great idea for Sprint to broadcast these games. However, I wish they had more of a selection available than just what the NFL network covers. If you have a Sprint phone and the necessary plan, let us know how the football service works.

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  • David

    sound great. I think I will watch the NFL game via Sprint phones next time