Ralph de La Vega says no Android on AT&T for now

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Ralph de La VegaEver since Google Android was first officially released, one question asked by many was which cell phone carrier would use it in their phones. With the release of T-Mobile’s G1, we knew T-Mobile liked Android and gave it a shot. From that, another question was developed, which other carriers would follow suit to T-Mobile. At the Web 2.0 Summit, Ralph de La Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, was asked about Android being used in AT&T phones.

Unfortunately for AT&T enthusiasts, AT&T will not be incorporating Google Android into their cell phones anytime soon. He wants to see Google Android evolve more before they think about using it in their phones. He also adds that they are looking at it as a possible new platform. Lastly, he adds that he wants to see Google Android take on more non-Google Apps.

From what I can infer, I think AT&T will be using Google Android at some point, but not in the immediate future. Looks like AT&T is just waiting for Android to mature a bit before fully adopting the platform.

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