Popular Science recognizes we all want to be the DJ

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Pacemaker DJ machine Popular science just awarded Pacemaker, a mp3 player that turns anyone into a DJ, as a “Best of what’s new” winner in the Gadgets category. The device is part of a larger platform that encompasses a user community which provides legal uploading and mix sharing as well as a desktop application.

The Pacemaker at its gadget-y heart is a 120GB mp3 player with display and touchpad. Various inputs allow some crazy stuff, all in a very mobile little unit. The device features multifunction buttons that allow different inputs on the touchpad. I am certain it is easier to use than the diagram which outlines all the functionality shows.

To have the Pacemaker recognized as a breakthrough innovation by a presitgous publication, such as Popular Science, is a tremendous honor,” said Ola Sars, Tonium’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our goal from day one was to create a platform that gives everyone the ability to interact with their music and share it with anyone who wants to listen. With the help of forward thinking media outlets like Pop Sci, we hope to inspire music fans around the globe to share their musical tastes with world.”

The typo was theirs, in case you are keep score.

The Pacemaker is not cheap, currently offered for $876. No one ever said being the cool DJ was cheap.

Product page [Tonium]

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