Visa’s new card with buttons and screen

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visa's new card with screen and buttonsIn an effort to thwart what is know as CNP or Card Not Present transactions, Visa has come up with a nifty new card that features input buttons and a display screen. All web transactions are performed in this manner, possibly allowing anyone who lifted your card from making purchases without your consent.

The new card aims to stop that by creating a one time code on the card to be filled in like we do for the CCV now. The code is generated by the user entering their pin in and the card creating the one time only code. The idea is only the owner of the card with card in hand can make purchases. While not foolproof, the card goes a long way from just “dumb” plastic cards of today.

The card features a battery to power it and Visa expects a 3-year lifespan. No word on what water does to the system. Visa is currently testing the card with several banks in Europe. Always the lucky Europeans!

The concept seems pretty good as a step to beat the fraudsters. One could imagine this concept being taken further even for card in hand transactions. By entering in your PIN code, the card releases the magnetic strip for reading, but otherwise remains invalid. Or maybe the magnetic strip goes away completely leaving us with one time only bar codes to be scanned.

What do you think is next for the credit card? Netflix streaming? Let us know in the comments.

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