G10: The latest in the Canon Powershot line

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Canon Powershot G10

I’m a firm believer it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a Canon. So, I was curious to see how the latest in their G-series measured up to its predecessor, the G9. It seems as though they did pretty well.

Canon’s latest in their Powershot family is the G10. It has some changes from the G9, although some of the problems that existed with the G9 are still present. But, if you are looking for a good prosumer camera, without a “pro camera” price tag this one just may fit the bill nicely.

So what separates it from the G9? Well, the lens on the G10 is a nice wider angle at 28-140mm. It also comes with a higher resolution LCD screen, which I think is very handy. There is a new exposure dial, so you can get your exposure settings just the way you like them without having to constantly go to the menus. There is a new DIGIC 4 processor. It also has a new 14.7 megapixel CCD sensor. This is the highest of any of the Powershot models, and includes a RAW shooting mode.

Unfortunately, according to some reviews, that new sensor wasn’t anything that improved. Shooting above ISO 400 is still pretty much not going to happen, unless you like a lot of noise in your photos. So, there you have a downside.

But, the G10 still has many pluses that outweigh some noise at higher ISO ranges. User reviews on the actual Canon site, for the most part, are very satisfied. They all are very happy with the picture quality and ease of use of the camera. One negative mentioned a couple of times referenced the bundled RAW software. However, if you don’t shoot in RAW (which many people do not), this won’t affect you in the least.

The Powershot G10 is available now at the MSRP of $499.99, although I’ve found it at a couple of stores for about $460.00. You can get it at (and pay for shipping), or and you’ll get free shipping just to name two places. If you are looking for a top of the line digital camera that does what you need it to do, take a look at the G10. In the world of cameras, a Canon is a very safe bet.

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  • rubenrubert

    After SX210IS this camera this camera is also a landmark product from group canon