Blackberry and MySpace release app

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blackberry myspace application
In news straight out of 2006, BlackBerry and MySpace have finally gotten together and jumped on the app train. Seems straight laced corporate types have been clamoring for a way to keep tabs on their social networking bit for years and finally it is happening. BlackBerry already has a FaceBook app.

The new MySpace application will do what you’d expect it would:

  • Send and receive MySpace mail
  • Update your Status and Mood
  • View and send Bulletins
  • Add comments
  • Post your photos
  • And much more

I don’t know about you, but “and much more” bugs the heck out of me and BlackBerry doesn’t go on to discuss the much more bit. Of note, the application requires your device to have 64MB of on-board memory and 100KB free.

The timing suggests this move is all about adding features that the young folks buying the BlackBerry flip phone want. As the lower priced flip phone trends into younger users, BlackBerry wants to make sure it is hip with the young ones.

App page: [BlackBerry ] and [MySpace]

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