Optoma Pico Projector PK-101: Project wherever you are

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Looking for something that will allow you to have totally portable images for use anywhere? Check out the new Pico Projector PK-101. You attach this tiny device (it is smaller and lighter than a mobile phone even!) to either your smart phone (and yes, it works with iPhones too) or media player, and it throws an image onto a nearby screen or white surface. Pretty cool.

Being the first digital light processing (DLP) projector gives Optoma the right to wave the banner for having a model with a higher contrast ratio at 2,000:1 and brighter colors than the other guys. The LED light source actually does project a pretty good image, whether inches or a couple of feet from whatever you are using for the projection screen. The actual resolution of the image is 480 x 320. You can also mount it on a regular camera tripod using the included adapter.

It comes with two batteries, which you will need since it is kind of a battery-hog. Each battery will last about 2 hours if you are working in slideshow mode; or an hour and a half in video mode at half brightness setting. Now, keep in mind if you set it for full brightness, you’ve only got about 45 minutes per battery. There is also a half-watt built in speaker, focus control, and a 2.5mm minijack/ composite video/stereo audio RCA cable.

Rod Sommerich, National Product Manager for Amber Technology display division, explains that “Optoma’s new PK-101 creates a benchmark for sharing content-on-the-go. This Pico projector enables users to enjoy a better visual experience with an image that is up to 100 times larger than the small screen of output capable portable media devices including iPods, PDA’s, smart phones and digital cameras.”

Although our Aussie friends get to buy it this month; here in the States we have to hold out until December 15th at an MSRP of $399. If you want the iPhone/iPod adapter cable, add $30 to that price.

Via [yahootech]

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