Get your game on with the Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse on sale for $29.99

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If you have a gamer on your shopping list, you just may want to check out this sale at They have the Logitech MX518 on sale for only $29.99 (after mail in rebate) with free shipping.

The MX518 utilizes the award-winning MX Optical Engine. This Engine gives you a major dpi-resolution at 1600. Because of this resolution, you get pixel-by-pixel accuracy in your positioning, which obviously does wonders for your game.

The mouse has eight buttons (no scrimping here!), and gives up to 15g of acceleration and spot-on aiming with very little mouse movement. You also get the SetPoint software with your mouse. This software is exclusive to Gaming-Grade mice. It is totally innovative, and lets you pick between 5 “custom level sensitivity settings”; this ensures that you get just the perfect feel and movement for you.

The MX518 gives you in-game switching to three different sensitivity levels. You can choose from 1,600, 800 and 400 dpi resolution, which will help ensure exact targeting and quick evasion. It’s been specially designed for major gaming sessions, featuring a contour grip design, and a sculpted thumb support. You can play this baby for hours.

The Logitech MX518 got great customer reviews everywhere I checked. Everyone seemed to totally love the “on the fly sensitivity adjustment.” Most say they went back and bought another for other systems they owned; they loved it that much.

So, if you know a gaming freak, or just happen to be one yourself. . .at the sale price of 29.99 with free shipping to boot, the MX518 is probably worth setting your sights on.

via [newegg]

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