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Another day, another new product or feature from Google. Well, at least it seems that way sometimes. Usually, there isn’t much added to the search function of Google, the updates tend to be to Gmail, Maps, or new products. This time its different, Google has actually found a way to change, and possibly improve searching the web using its search engine. Its called Searchwiki, and it isn’t as intimidating as it might sound.

In a nutshell, Searchwiki allows you to customize your searching if you search for things often. It allows you to move results up to the top of the list where it might not appear normally. You can also remove sites you don’t think fit the category or you just don’t like. There is one thing to know, however: these results are only for you. Google will remember them for you, but the results won’t go to the top for everyone else. So even if you add Gadgetell to the top of your list when you search for “gadget” it unfortunately won’t happen to everyone else.

The other main feature of Searchwiki is the ability to take notes on search results. Maybe you find a site you need some information on, but not until you get back to your computer. Now, you can sign into your Google account, move it to the top of that search, and write a note to yourself why you needed it. Remembering what you searched for isn’t even necessary, as you can click the link on the bottom of the Google search page to view all of your Searchwiki notes.

This being such a new feature, I can’t rightfully comment on how much I’ll use it, but it can possibly serve a purpose. I doubt I’ll use it everyday, or even often, but some people might end up doing so. It might be an easy way to put down notes on websites between computers, and is easier than writing it down on paper at least. Given time, chances are a few of us might find something useful about Searchwiki. For now in my mind it remains a “hey, that’s pretty cool” feature.

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