Porsche Design P’9522 cruises by with an FCC appearance

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Porsche Design P'9522 cruises by with an FCC appearance

Yet another handset that is showing its face via an FCC listing, this time it is the candybar styled P’9522 from Porsche Design. Sadly, the P’9522 is not offering as clean of a design as one would hope. Sure, it is a candybar handset, and one that (for the most part) seems to have a clean looking design. However in the case of the P’9522, it has a big fingerprint scanner front and center which takes away some of the good looks.

Otherwise it does have a nice big display, which adds some nice value. Aside from the external design, the US release of the P’9522 will only have GSM 850/1900 support, which means that unlike the European version, it will not have any 3G support. As expected with FCC listings, pricing information has not yet been revealed.

Read [FCC] Via [Engadget Mobile]

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