Gadgetell Review: Logitech Pro 9000 webcam

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logitech pro 9000 webcam

Gadgetell Quick Review:

Logitech Pro 9000 QuickCam

What is it?

Logitech’s offering for a great quality webcam. $99


Super easy to use, look like a pro in seconds. Super high quality and top notch form.


$99 is on the upper end for many consumers. Doesn’t play super nice with Mac.

I am behind the curve on webcams. I’ve shunned them for years thinking the fad will go away, but I’ve given up on that thinking. Thankfully, Logitech’s Pro 9000 webcam makes it so darn easy to do everything, I don’t need to know anything. I dig tech that makes life simpler.

Odd looks

The Pro 9000 has a rather unique stand/attachment to it. Half grab-your-laptop-screen, half stand-on-your-desk, I found the unit found a suitable home everywhere I it was placed. It packs up compactly which made it easy for me to take it on the road. I found the six feet of USB cable to be more than enough in one moment and not long enough in others; that translates to perfect size.

Easy to use

Again, what I really love about it is the ease of use. After installing the accompanying software on my XP machine, I connected to Skype Video with ease, found myself recording videos in a snap, even Gmail Video Chat was a no brainer. Everything I’ve ever wanted to do with a webcam was no more than a click away. Simplicity reigns supreme with the Pro 9000.

I even found myself stretching it a bit and did this video review of a Casio digicam with the Pro 9000. Simply hit record on the toolbar in the included software and boom: you are making a movie. It is just that easy.

Actual movie taken with Pro 9000

Quality images

The quality is something I didn’t expect. After using the Logitech unit to video call home when I was traveling, I traded webcams with my wife and was amazed at the difference I saw from her using the Logitech. The biggest difference was light sensitivity for me. I could see my wife with the Logitech clearly even in the poor lighting where her computer lives, but not with the other brand (a Creative webcam). The quality even fooled our resident A/V expert Iyaz that I was using a high quality video camera to record a recent conversation.


This webcam brought me into the fold on web videos. Simple, easy to use software makes this things just about idiot-proof. And with superior quality compared to others I’ve tried, it makes for a winning combination from Logitech.

Product page: [Logitech]

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  • Mac-Webcam-Guy

    Logitech really makes the best webcams out there, few will regret any of their PRO line models. FYI to Apple Macintosh users: While the <a href="9000" rel="nofollow">">9000 Pro is Mac OS X compatible and UVC compliant, the similar looking Vision Pro for Mac will give better frame-rates because of built-in, hardware-based light-management and autofocus in the Mac specific model. Worth paying a few extra bucks for.