Gadgetell Roundup: Top 5 overlooked Black Friday gadgets

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KB Toys LogoMany people generally associate Black Friday as a time to buy big electronics such as HDTVs, GPSs, gaming consoles, computers, etc. But, it is also a time to buy interesting little gadgets to make your children, or even yourself, happy. I decided to take a look at a lesser-known store, KB Toys, and see what they were offering this Black Friday. I didn’t go straight for their big stuff, but rather their smaller gadgets, and here’s what I found pretty interesting.

Spiderman MP3 player

Spider-Man accessories

He’s got a great comic book, a great movie, and has some pretty cool accessories. KB Toys has a bunch of Spider-Man stuff and a few gadgets that caught my eye was a MP3 player and a Plug-n-Play gaming system.

The MP3 player is something I wouldn’t recommend getting if you want store a lot of media and videos, but if you want to give it you child who really likes Spider-Man, I’m sure they would enjoy this very much. In terms of specs, it comes with 512mb of storage, and can be expanded by 1GB (at the most) via SD card, and requires 1 AAA battery. This sold for $49.99, but now sells for $29.99.

Spiderman Jet Ski gameThe next Spider-Man accessory is a game that you just have to plug into your TV and it works. Instead of a normal game controller, it comes with an actual Spider-Man jet ski, so you can ride your way through the 7 games it comes with. I remember seeing stuff like this at arcades, and they were always fun to use. I would recommend this for your child. Unfortunately, it requires A LOT of batteries – 8 AA. Also, don’t sit on it just to try it out as it only holds up to 90 pounds. This used to sell for $59.99, but now sells for $39.99.

Air Hockey


That above Spider-Man game could also fit in this category, but I felt it was more appropriate to keep it there. In addition, we have an Air Puck Hockey game and Civilization III for the PC.

The Air Hockey game is similar to what you often see at arcades – it comes with one puck, two sticks, two goals, and, of course, the puck glides on air. It also requires 4 AA batteries. This would make a great gift for children, teens, and even adults if you like air hockey. It used to sell for $29.99, but now sells for $11.99.

Civilization IIINext, is the Civilization III PC game, which is similar to Age of Empires by Microsoft. Features include:

* Improved combat options for enhanced war-making capabilities
* More interactions, alliances and realistic A1 responses that put you in the middle of negotiations and diplomatic actions
* Advanced trade system manages resources, trade routes and spread of technology
* New elements of Culture, Nationality and the Arts help focus empire building efforts
* Active world generator creates more realistic maps, detailed barbarians and minor nations
* Game Editor Suite lets you create customized civilizations, maps and rules
* New easier-to-use interface for streamlined management and better control

The game is meant for all ages and used to sell for $12.99, but is now $9.99.

The King – Elvis Presley

Alive Elvis
Dubbed Alive Elvis, is great for anyone who loves The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It features Elvis in a leather jacket and his iconic hair style. Basically, you can opt to have him play his songs, sing along with him with the included microphone, have him dance to your own songs, and you can even let him tell you a little about his life. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of batteries – three AAA and eight D batteries. It used to sell for $299.99, but now sells for $79.99.

Thank you very much for reading this. I hope you enjoyed some of the gadgets I found to be interesting during the 2008 Black Friday.

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    Some interesting gadgets! And probably a whole lot easier to get a hold of than a Wii or flat screen TV at 50% off.