Configure your BMW on a Microsoft Surface

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BMW has recently become the first car manufacturer to begin using the Microsoft Surface to allow potential customers to configure their car with the fun of multi-touch. The BMW Product Navigator will let customers change and configure the exterior and interior colors, rims, and more through the use of color tiles that are placed on top of the Surface table. The Product Navigator even allows for optional accessories to be added.

Additionally, it has a secondary monitor that lets the customer see, and also share what they have configured with others. Once the customer has their car ready and complete they can then choose to print or e-mail the details, and even save them to a USB flash drive to take with them. I am not sure this would make be buy a BMW, well maybe if I had the money, but if nothing else it would sure make car shopping a little more enjoyable. Now, they just need to find a way to deal with the annoying salesperson. Keep reading to check out a video showing off the process…

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