The new pirate busting idea: second hand music

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Piracy is a massive problem in the music industry as it is getting easier and easier to get your music free off the Internet. Obviously the music industry is trying to keep up, and the people at Bopaboo (what a weird name!) think they have come up with a solution: second hand music. But not any old music, oh no, you can now buy used digital music. “How on earth does this work?” I hear you cry, and that is exactly what I thought, but let me first explain the idea behind this and what is supposed to happen.

The theory is that people will go onto the website and tell people that they have digital music to sell, and Bopaboo puts a price on it. Then someone comes along who wants that music cheap and buys the second hand digital music off them and the seller gets 80% of the profits with Bopaboo stashing the other 20% for themselves.

This is (in theory) a great idea, if you buy music digitally which is awful/boring you can sell it to someone who wants it: you sell it legally and they get cheap music. It is a way to get people out of the habit of downloading illegally, you get money for your old music and everyone gets a good deal without feeling bad. However as I am sure you have noticed right from the start there are some massive problems with this, and ones that will probably make this completely flawed.

Here is a small quote from the terms and conditions:

“You will delete any remaining copies of the Used Published Item that may exist in your possession, custody or control” and goes on to say that “…you agree to indemnify and defend bopaboo against any and all claims arising out of any transaction in which you are the seller”.

To be honest this is ridiculous, firstly they are expecting people to be honest and secondly they are using the general public as a legal backup: I don’t think that will hold up in court. Firstly, they will have an overload of music for sale as people copy illegal music again and again so they can upload more and thus get more money, and noone is really going to delete any remaining copies, are they? You will find a lot of people buying off it: it is a good idea for cheap music, but the idea that people will sell it is one that just won’t work.

All in all if 50% of users aren’t downloading illegally it is progress, but it is by no means the miracle that it promises to be. Unfortunately I cannot see a day where music will be safe from pirates, but at least this is a step, however small, in the right direction.

Source [Gizmodo]

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  • VitaminCM

    Wow, first you could illegally download like a gazillion songs for free. Now you can actually sell them to people who are too cheap to buy them legit and to scared to download them like a badass.
    What a country!