Agora: the other Android phone

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Not a blackjack or epix.  That's the Kogan AgoraA company I’ve never heard of, Kogan, is introducing the second Android phone on January 29th, 2009 in Australia.

Named the “Agora,” there will be two versions. The “Agora” is priced at $299. The “Agora Pro” is priced at $399. The big difference between the two seems to be GPS which is available only on the Pro.

The device features more of a BlackBerry-like form factor with a QWERTY keyboard below the 2.5-inch touch screen. We’ve covered the Android software extensively, so we know what to expect from the OS.

The Agora comes with a headphone jack built-in (no screwy adapters necessary). It also packs a 624 MHz processor compared to the G1’s 528 MHz processor in a form factor that just seems sleeker than the bulky G1.

I still expect a slew of Android-based phones in the next year since the OS is free and can be tinkered with by any carrier. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a Palm running Android in 2009.

Size comparison between Kogan Agora, Apple iPhone, T-Mobile G1

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