Energizer to show longer lasting batteries at CES

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Energizer logoIt’s hard to believe that the Consumer Electronics Show is almost upon us once again. With CES only a month away, it is time for companies to start teasing us with what they’ll be showing in Las Vegas. One of the first of these announcements comes from Energizer of all companies. Although, this could potentially have a huge impact on the gadget industry, or at least it could for consumers who value long battery life.

Energizer has announced that they will be unveiling Zinc Air Prismatic batteries at CES. These batteries are said to be smaller and give more design choices to OEMs when they’re eventually released. The biggest thing about these tiny batteries is how much life they can give your devices. According to the Energizer press release, these new batteries can gives three times the battery life of similarly sized lithium-ion or alkaline batteries.

If Energizer is right about this claim, this could be a great thing when the batteries are released. From a practical stand-point they could make cellphones run for even longer without having to be recharged, which would be especially useful for those with smartphones that tend to eat batteries faster. More life out of any sort of gadget is always a welcome addition. Let’s just hope these come out relatively soon, or that OEMs will be able to get their hands on them shortly so we can get these longer-lasting gadgets sooner.

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