Franklin to help Germans learn English

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Franklin translatorsYou’ve probably seen them before, handheld dictionaries that also help you learn another language. Most of them in the U.S. are geared towards other Latin-based languages such as Spanish, Italian, French or German. Now, for the first time Franklin is offering a handheld that will help teach people to speak English.

The new device is aimed towards German market, and will teach German speakers how to speak English. It won’t be just a simple electronic dictionary, though. The device will have a 2.5″ color screen that will actually teach English through Franklin’s interactive course. It can also connect to a TV, take in SD cards, connect to a PC via USB and even play MP3 (because just about everything has to, it seems).

Franklin is citing a “worldwide boom in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learning” as the reason for creating the device. The German speaking market does seem like a strange choice at first, though there are many countries that have German as an official language. The device will cost 199 Euros, which is currently about 257 USD, so the market may be a bit small at first, but those who can afford it will hopefully find the device useful. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if more languages get an EFL device from Franklin eventually, particularly French and Spanish in North America, at least.

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  • English to Spanish Translation

    I have the spanish to english and it's helped me a lot. It really helps with the pronunciation specially.