Google Street View doubles US coverage, more additions

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The new, improved Google MapsRight now, chances are pretty good that Google Maps Street View has an image of your house. With an enormous upgrade, it is clear the high price of gas over the summer did not deter the Google Mobiles from driving all over the US to add more places to their Street View collection. The result is the vast majority of the country can now be spied, thanks to Google. The images at right show coverage before today and after.

But it isn’t all rosy. For example, where I live (about 2 hours from NYC), Google says they cover me, but what they cover is the highway that runs through here. Not Main Street, or even my street. But Google says I am covered. Um, OK.

Also new, Google sent these photo-taking cars overseas and now present us with images from 6 other countries to include: France, Japan, Australia, Spain, Italy, New Zealand.

As a frequent users of the service, I find it quite handy for getting visual cues when I travel to new places. Street View has become a real asset to me and it is great to see Google pour in the resources to make their database more complete.

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