HP to bring out batteries that degrade more slowly

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HP LogoIt happens eventually to all laptops, the battery starts to last for a shorter period of time to the point where you can’t bring it anywhere without also bringing the power supply as well. Normally this point comes about 18 months into the life of the laptop, and is the point at which you need a new battery, Now, HP has licensed technology from Boston-Power that will not make is buy new laptop batteries so often.

The new technology will allow for about three years without decreasing from its original maximum capacity. It could even be pushed to four years if the laptop isn’t used heavily everyday. In a way, it’s another way of taking a small step to go green, since it would decrease the number of lithium-ion batteries thrown out every year.

Currently the batteries are only planned to be used by HP, but it is possible for Boston-Power to license the technology to other companies. It would be nice if they did. Especially with the rise of laptops for college students who can’t afford to buy a new battery every year and a half, any company adopting these batteries would be welcome.

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  • Jegatheez

    Hey,Good news from HP,am waiting for this … For my cute laptop, battery is a real concern as I play lots and lots o movies , musics every day.

  • radpilot

    It's a step in the right direction but we need more power density for the same battery weight.