How to get the most out of Netflix Watch Instantly HD

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Netflix Watch Instantly HD

So you’ve got one of the devices that plays Netflix Watch Instantly in HD. What’s the best way of getting a lot of HD content out Watch Instantly?

If you take a look at individual pages for movies or shows, you won’t find whether they are available in HD or not.

You can check out all of the HD titles by logging into Netflix, going into Genres and clicking “HD.” Make sure you click the “Include rated & seen titles” link so you can see if your favorite titles are available.

Going through the Gallery view is pretty, but I highly suggest clicking the “See sortable list view” so you can actually sort the movies by star rating, MPAA rating, year, and title. That offers a lot of control.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to create an HD only Watch Instantly queue unless you dump everything in your Instant Queue and start over.

You can waste a lot of time putting together you HD queue, but it’s for a good cause — your entertainment.

If you’re already logged into your Netflix account, click this link to see the HD list.

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  • John

    From the reading I have done, HD watch instantly streaming is only available on Xbox 360 and (soon to be released) Tivo. So the HD genre doesn't seem to be a play for PCs, which as you know always have screens with higher resolution than 720 vertical pixels and many at 1050 and higher. Also, HD doesn't show as a Watch Instantly Genre when I login. Could it be that it has been removed or is it because customers who have Xbox 360 have enhanced access on the web site? As it stands, at least for me, it doesn't seem possible to identify the HD content. It would be far simpler if Netflix implemented DLNA than propriatary stuff with Microsoft and Tivo! PlayOn seems to have got this under control, but we want native support on our devices without dependencies on a PC.

  • Brett Stevens

    Can HD programming and movies be viewed when attaching a PC to a TV?

  • John

    That's a very general question Brett. You have a few options to connect a PC to a TV in order of best to worse: hdmi/dvi, vga, component/s-video, composite. Once connected, you can use the TV as the monitor for the TV for any of your favorite sites, e.g. hulu, netflix. You may find that Windows Media "Center" is of interest as it provides a 10 foot experience for a remote control (up down left right ok, back) and you can forget about the keyboard. There are many choices! SageTV is also worth a google as some people may find that a PC on the TV is more of a pain than a pleasure. Good luck!! :o)