Tekkeon intros new lowest price iPhone 3G battery case

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tekkeon iphone battery pack mypowerWith the holiday travel season upon us, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what battery back up I’ll need for the iPhone. To date, you’ve had the option of a battery pack that connects in and charges or a form fitting battery pack that you put the phone in. The packs by themselves are the cheaper option, but make it awkward to talk. But now, Tekkeon intros their myPower at $69.99 and the line begins to blur.

Using leather (another way the Tekkeon sets themselves apart) in their construction the myPower doubles the standard battery life of the iPhone while allowing charging for both the battery pack and the iPhone’s main battery. The battery is a lithium polymer and features a capacity indicator letting you know the status of the battery’s charge.

Interestingly, the company notes, “iPhone not included.” Bummer. Also, Jerry Yang is the company’s President.

The company is taking orders now and expects to ship on the 15th.

Product Page [Tekkeon]

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