Pantech rolls C630 to AT&T as a great, cheap phone

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pantech 3g phone for attWhat can you expect from a $39 phone at AT&T? That is the question I asked myself when I read the release from Pantech. The result is actually a bit more than I expect, the phone is pretty feature rich and one I could see myself carrying.

The phone features: 3G, AGPS, AT&T Navigator, Bluetooth, MicroSD memory (up to 16GB!), 1.3mp camera and is packaged in a diminutive candybar form factor. In my opinion, it looks quite pro (camera is a bit small) and the features make it a worthwhile choice in AT&T’s line up.

The phone even has a few stand out features like a rubberized back-panel, a mirrored screen and a small joystick pad, presumably for on phone gaming. Of course, the standard instant messaging via AIM, Windows Live and Yahoo are there as are mobile email and mobile music programs.

This phone rolls into AT&T tomorrow for the going price of $39.

Company site: [Pantech]

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