Pandora streaming radio now available for Windows Mobile

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Pandora streaming radio now available for Windows Mobile

Pandora has recently announced support for select Windows Mobile devices. Unfortunately, the handsets that are supported are limited to just the HTC Touch and the Motorola Q9C. Users of either of these handsets can browse over to on their mobile browser to install the app.

Pandora is free to download and free to use. Personally, I would say it is the best music streaming service available. For those unfamiliar, Pandora allows you to create customized stations that are based on an artist or song of your choice. Hopefully, Pandora will continue to expand upon their supported device list. In the meantime, Windows Mobile users can now begin to listen on the go.

Via [Mashable]

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    And even more unfortunately, Pandora is not responding rapidly to repeated requests for support of various devices, including my Samsung Blackjack II, although they were quick to respond to the "new kid on the smartphone block," the iPhone! It's a great service, but it seems they are a bit overworked!