Will your netbook handle OS X? This compatibility chart should help

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Will your netbook handle OS X? This compatibility chart should help

If you have read any of my previous posts, it should come as little surprise that I am a big fan of netbooks, however given our sister site Appletell does such a great job with the Mac coverage, I do not often get to cover another favorite of mine — OS X. So with that, it is safe to assume that I would be more than willing to pick up an official Apple netbook, should one be announced.

Until then, I plan to hold off running OS X on a netbook, despite how tempting it is. Of course if you are not as willing to wait as I am, then a new compatibility chart should help you out when it comes to choosing a netbook to work with. Short story, if you are considering going this route then you may want to pick up an MSI Wind, Dell Inspiron Mini 9 or an HP Mini-Note 2133. Other models do and will work, but each will be missing some functionality. Surprisingly one of the more popular models, the Eee PC 9xx and 1000 series lack support for both audio and ethernet.

Keep in mind, that while there are how-to’s available, if you choose to pursue the hackintosh netbook you will not be entirely following the rules. That said, should you choose to proceed, please share your comments and let us know your experience.

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Will your netbook handle OS X? This compatibility chart should help

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  • Nico [nZ]

    Hey, if my G3 iBook with 300mhz of CPU and 4Mb GPU was able to run Tiger, this netbooks should not have any trouble at all running Leopard.

  • Rob Beschizza

    Note that the HP 2133 is just a claim from one user — there are no reliable instructions, and we've added a warning to the chart for that model.

    Corrections welcome!

  • rorroman

    Can any of this netbooks handle Vmware Fusion? or Parallels?

  • Alex Martelli

    rorroman, using both Parallels and VMWare regularly on better-powered Mac laptops, I don't think any of today's netbooks have enough CPU and RAM to a decent job at it — virtual machine performance for most jobs is generally acceptable on typical 2+GHz, 2GB, dualcore Apple laptops, but netbooks' specs are way below that, to the point where I opine you'd be unhappy.

  • Iyaz Akhtar

    I'm curious about your question, rorroman. Do you want to be able to run OS X and then run a VM in that OS?

  • Ed Gain

    I very much doubt any netbook would do a decent job of running virtualization software such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels, but if anyone has any experience of doing this, let me know!

    FYI we've launched an updated version of the Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart over at since the Boing Boing one is no longer being updated anymore.