Slacker introduces new, cheaper premium plan

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Slacker introduces new plan called Slacker Radio Plus

Slacker has added a new subscription plan to go along with its “Premium” subscription plan — a newer, low-cost “Radio Plus” subscription. Slacker offers Internet radio to its Slacker portable players and online at their website.

Without a subscription, you have to sit through ads and can only skip six songs per hour per station. Slacker’s Premium Radio plan cost $7.50 per month. This new plan, Slacker Radio Plus, costs $3.99 per month.

Both these pay plans give you unlimited skips, no commercials, and unlimited song requests. The difference between the plans? The Premium plan lets you save a song to your library, whereas the Radio Plus doesn’t.

This plan makes Slacker a much more attractive option when compared to its older plan and satellite radios.

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