Time to upgrade to Firefox 3, Mozilla officially ends Firefox 2 support

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Now may be a good time for anyone still using Firefox 2 to go ahead and make that move to Firefox 3. Mozilla has officially ended support for Firefox 2, users are being notified through the automatic update process, with a message stating that “this is the last planned update for Firefox 2.” That is not to say that Firefox 2 will not continue to work in the same manner that it has, but as things on the Internet change quickly, it is nice to have an up to date browser. Along with the ending of support for Firefox 2, Mozilla will also no longer provide the Phishing Protection service for those users, which means they will be more at risk. I can understand the need for many users to hold back, after all it generally takes some time to get some of the extensions updated, but Firefox 3 has been out for a while now, those extensions should be good to go. With that, it is time, make the move to Firefox 3.

Via [Mashable]

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