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Coosh headset

What is it?

  • Coosh is a pair of headphones with a microphone that works with your iPhone or Blackberry.

What’s cool:

  • The headphones are comfortable.
  • Built-in microphone does an okay job.
  • Built-in cord management is a good idea.

What’s not:

  • Audio quality is not too great.

The Crux:

  • For $30, the Coosh headset is a good idea that needs some revisions. Wait for a second version.

Trying to wear them

The Coosh headset promotes itself as the headphones that stay on and feel good. Unlike other headphones, the wrap around pieces are a flexible silicone instead of rigid plastic.

There are instructions explaining how to wear the headset. I am not a huge fan of needing instructions to wear headphones, but I gave it a chance. After wrapping the silicone earrings around my ears, the earbuds kept falling away from ears. The headphones stayed on my ear thanks to the earrings, but the buds kept falling away.

What was I doing while the buds fell out? Turning my head sitting at a computer.

I reread the instructions. I saw that Coosh had a bunch of reviews on their site saying these headphones are great and stay in. Maybe my ears are not fully compatible with the Coosh headphones. My wife also had the same difficulty with the headphones.

Audio quality

The audio quality is only so-so. It is probably only a little better than the headphones that come with the iPod. That is not saying much. I normally use a pair of $20 Sony Fontopia in-ear headphones, which I think sound much better than the Coosh.

Bass on the Coosh is hard to hear and at loud volumes, music becomes distorted. Microphone quality was fine. There were no complaints from people I called while using the Coosh headset.

Wrap up

I am by no means an audiophile, but these headphones are nothing special. The audio quality is passable, but you can get better sounding headphones for less money. They might not come with microphones, though.

The Coosh is a good idea, there is a built-in cord manager and clip to keep the microphone near you. Perhaps an in-ear model would be better. The headset costs $30 at the Coosh site, but you can get it on Amazon for less.

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