Gadgetell Resolution: Lose Weight

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weightloss The holidays are behind us once again and it’s time to start those resolutions you made. If one of them is to lose weight,(it’s one of the most common resolutions people make-and one of the ones most don’t stick to) here are a few websites to help you stay on track:

HundredPushUps– This site offers a six week training program consisting of nothing but push-ups. It provides weekly workouts, a workout log, testimonials, a store, even a badge you can display on your site once you’ve completed the program!

PEERTrainer– This site provides a complete weight loss and exercise resource, with weight loss coaching, a training program, support groups, health information, diet tips, meal plans and more.

eDiets– This site offers over 22 different diet plans as well as a variety of exercise programs, support groups, and more.

Weight Loss For Life– this site is run by the National Institutes for Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It provides health and weight loss information, downloadable factsheets and other helpful publications, a BMI chart, and more.

Project Weight Loss– this is another complete weight loss community with diet plans, workout programs, forums, blogs, even a magazine. It offers programs for those who need to lose weight and those who just want to keep fit.

Remember, before you start any diet or workout program, be sure and talk to your doctor first, and be careful when considering any that require any kind of medication, “supplement” or fees to be paid. All you want to lose is weight, not your money-or your health.

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