CES 2009 Preview: Audio Technica has on debut new in-ear headphones

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ATH-CKM50A Headphones

Continuing with the many CES 2009 preview articles we have been writing, it’s time to look at what Audio Technica has in store for us at the tradeshow.

To accompany their ATH-CKM50A and ATH-CK9 in-ear headphones, Audio Technica has decided to create the ATH-CK6A, ATH-CK10, and ATH-CK7A in-ear headphones. Audio Technica touts that their headphones have been specially designed for traveling, exercising, jogging, and wherever else you would use headphones. They have been made with portability and comfort in mind and can easily be used with any music devices, laptops, and portable DVD players.


These headphones come with interchangeable earbud pieces to ensure a comfortable bit and that they remain in your ear at all times. They provide excellent sound quality, come in black or silver, and a travel pouch is included for your convenience. It is on sale right for now $99.95.


These headphones are similar but feature titanium casing, superior sound quality thanks to 11-mm rare earth magnet drivers that supply a deep bass sound, extended treble, accurate midrange, and ear tips that reduce sound so you can hear your music better. Instead of a travel pouch it comes with a hard case so even if you drop it, they won’t be damaged. For all the added features, the price went up by $100, so it sells for $199.95.


These headphones are similar to the CK6A but come in more colors such as black, white, and red, come with a 2 foot cable, 3.3 foot extension cord, as well as a travel pouch for your convenience. Again, they are on sale and will retail for $99.95.


These headphones provide exceptional sound and superior noise blocking technology and uses a balanced armature driver that moves the diaphragms to create sound. It is available in black and white and also comes with hard case like the CK7A. This one sells for a lot – $299.95. I would suggest buying it if you want to invest in a pair of high quality headphones, or otherwise settle for a cheaper one.


Lastly, we have have the ATH-CK10 headphones that come with separate low and high frequency drivers, dual-balanced armature design for advanced clarity, detail, and bass. Also, it comes with 3 ear tips for added comfort as well as noise canceling and a hard carrying case. These are, by far, the most advanced headphones Audio Technica as to offer and the retail price is $499.95.

If you are interested in any of these headphones, be sure to check out Audio Technica’s CES booth.

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