CES 2009 Preview: Calling all women, Audio Technica has the headphones for you

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Audio Technica ATH-CK1W

Even though the holidays are a thing of the past, we all like receiving gifts. If you’re feeling a bit generous you might want to consider getting headphones for your mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter, sister, and maybe grandma.

Crystal Griffith, Audio Technica’s Consumer Marketing Manager, had this to say about Audio Technica’s new lineup of headphones specially designed for women:

Audio-Technica is the first company to offer an entire product range of headphones that are designed specifically for women. Our in-ear and on-ear models for women let you listen in your own fashion. They combine attractive design with outstanding sound quality, portability and value, and come in a variety of appealing colors to match any style – or stand out in the crowd.”

Audio Technica claims that these headphones are great for jogging, exercising, casual listening, traveling, etc. They each come with a cord wrap so they can be stuck in a purse, so there won’t be an ugly, tangled wire around your body. Their special looks don’t sacrifice quality as Audio Technica says they still come with high sensitivity and full-range frequency to provide the best sound possible. They can all be connected easily to any music device, laptop, portable DVD player, and whatever else involves headphones.

Let’s go through the 5 new woman’s headphones beginning with the ATH-CK1W.


These headphones are reportedly very compact, light, and sports advanced sound system for excellent sound quality. What makes them so feminine is the kind of colors they are available in – green, orange, pink, purple, white and yellow. In addition, they each come with a matching hard carrying case for additional style and ear tips in varying sizes so they can fit comfortably. They are already retailing for $59.95.


Instead of being in-ear headphones, these are actually on-ear headphones that come with soft earpads and headband for additional comfort, aluminum casing, full range sound, and 28mm magnet speaker divers that supply the full sound. These are available in blue, green, pink, and silver colors. They are on sale right now for $99.95.


Next up, these headphones are compact, light, on-ear headphones that fold for easy storage. Again, they use high quality drivers for full sound and deep bass. They are available in dark gray, white, pink, and teal blue. It is on sale right now for a cheaper price than the above headphones – $69.95.


These headphones combine many features that are common in Audio Technica’s headphones – full range sound, deep bass, varying sized ear tips, ultra light and compact, and available in green, silver, blue, and pink. They are on sale right now for $99.95.


Lastly, we have the ATH-CK52W headphones, which are also in-ear and boasts superior sound, comfort, portability, and ear tips that block out external noise. It is available in black, white, and pink and sells for $69.95.

I’ll be sure to get a nice set of pink ATH-ON3W headphones for Editor Iyaz Akhtar. [Editor’s note: Thanks. I’ll give it to the wife then.] If you want to check these headphones, be sure to hit up Audio Technica’s CES booth.

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