Put Flash on your TV, Intel and Adobe scheming

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Intel and Adobe announced today they are collaborating on optimizing Adobe’s Flash and Intel’s media center CE 3100 processor. The two companies are moving to bring the wealth of Flash content to TVs both in standard and high definition. This is a good move for both companies and will pave the way for quick adoption.

Intel’s new CE3100 is the first of a family of SOCs, System on a Chip. These chips hope to power tomorrows set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, even in the TV itself. Intel is working to ensure these devices offer a seamless internet experience to their users.

Having Flash support means the web will be a full experience and what’s more, content sites such as Hulu, will be fully accessible. Many current solutions to bring the Internet to the TV lack the latest Flash Player leaving these sites closed to their users.

Adobe is working to optimize both the Flash Player and Flash Lite for the Intel chip. Their current timeline is to have Flash Lite support the chip when it ships mid-2009. Baby steps, I guess. Intel believes they’ll be leading the charge to squeeze the HD out of Flash.

This will be the big story of 2009: TVs head to the Internet. More as it flows.

Press release: [Businesswire]

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  • Jason Byrne

    This is really awesome news! I really think this could be the year that someone comes out with that killer product that will finally bring together all of these elements in a seamless way. Imagine a single box that is a Bluray player, DVR, connects to the internet and your home network via WiFi, allows you to browse your photos or other media on your computer, browse the internet, watch videos from disc, cable, from your computer, or via the internet… and comes with a universal remote that doubles as a mouse wiimote style. Why not? Why not now? The technology is clearly there.