CES 2009 Preview: HP gaming keyboard

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HP Gaming Keyboard

We got wind of HP’s latest gaming keyboard. Unfortunately, at this time, all we have is a picture of it. HP plans to have this keyboard on display at CES 2009. It looks like your normal gaming keyboard, specifically built for some hardcore gaming. In addition, it has a sort of LED screen located on top of the keyboard, which looks like it controls sound and music playing. If we can get our hands on an actual press release, we’ll update this post right away. If we don’t get a press release, we might stop by at HP’s CES booth, so we’ll get some information then. Stay tuned!

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  • Michael Leung

    Doesn't look very gamery to me. Nothing really separates it from other gaming keyboards, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Rebranded Razer Lycosa much?

  • YpoCaramel

    Aside from the backlight, which is handy for LAN parties or just gaming anywhere in the dark, the Lycosa's always been a better design keyboard than gaming keyboard with macros and knobs.