New HP Pavilion ultra-portables strike the perfect balance

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HP Pavilion dv2

The laptop market seems to be downsizing all the time. Well, at least in size of the laptops at least. There are some sacrifices to be made along the way, but there’s always some sort sort of sacrifice. With the new HP Pavilion dv2 series HP is going the way of the MacBook Air and sacrificing the optical drive in order to make for a more featured device (well, sort of unlike the Air then).

The new Pavilion dv2 series of ultra-portables with 12.1″ LED backlit displays that are only one inch thin. They’re based on the new AMD Athlon Neo 64 processor, AMD’s answer to the also energy efficient Intel Atom. Separating the dv2s from netbooks (aside from the screen size) are up to 4GB or RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD3140 GPUs, and up to 500GB hard drives. There’s also options for external DVD or Blu-Ray drives to import media to be played back with the screen and SRS Premium Sound from the Altec Lansing speakers. Or you can output the media to any HDTV through the built-in HDMI connector.

The new dv2 series seems to be an excellent balance between portability and usability. It can support WWAN to connect anywhere its available, and b/g/n Wi-Fi support. The idea is that the dv2 will be used on the go, and anything you need from it will be stored on the spacious hard drive rather than on disc-based media, which can be imported through the external optical drive.

Weighing just under 4 pounds, I would say the Pavilion dv2 definitely has a good chance of selling well to those who like netbooks, but need them to be just a bit more like regular laptops.

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