Cutting the cords: The Powermat Wireless Charger

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Powermat Charger

Unveiled at CES 2009 in Las Vegas was a powerhouse tech item from Powermat. Tired of always needing to be near the end of your cord to charge that portable device in your pocket or your office? Powermat’s solution is a wireless charger for portable electronic devices.

And not just one — Powermat is rolling out a line of 15 new wireless charging devices to charge everything from your iPod and iPhone to your GPS and even your laptop. Just think, no more having to be so concerned about where you plug in your laptop, no more anxiety over whether or not the cord just got damaged when you rolled your chair over it.

Powermat’s new line of wireless charging devices utilize magnetic induction technology which Powermat claims will provide more convenient, faster, and more energy-efficient charging of your portable electronics.

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  • Neil

    Youtube video with inductance transducers that shows how energy and signals can be transmitted:

    Or do a YouTube search with the following string: “Exploring the use of Inductance Transducers”