Monster introduces Green Power

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The manufacturer Monster plans to introduce a newer and greener power center at this year’s CES in 2009. This release corresponds to the theme of numerous manufacturers trying to keep it green while still creating great products.

When you’re at home enjoying your home theater set up, you may not realize the large amount of energy that’s being consumed by the entertainment devices. Monster’s GreenPower outlet center has the ability to automatically shut off the components when not in use. Although you may hit the power off button when you’re done watching TV, many devices stay in standby mode and continue to suck away energy.

Other features include a watt meter gauge that you can read to monitor energy use and RF remote control capability. It will also protect against energy spikes that can burn out the devices connected to the outlet center. It’s easy to use as well; the outlets come specially marked so you know where to plug everything into. It definitely won’t require you to read a 100 page instruction booklet in order to operate.

Another benefit of the device? It will cut down on your energy bill, which can leave you with more cash to spend on other entertainment equipment. The price is also moderate, the lower end models, HDP 850G and HDP 900G both cost less than $130 while the HDP 1400 and HPD 1850 will cost you between $250 and $350. The higher end models will have extra features like Clean Power HD Filtering for Better Picture and Sound and extra surge protection.

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