HP and Monster to team up on co-branded equipment

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Monster and HP team up

Monster, a leading manufacturer of cables and surge protection products, has teamed up with HP to bring you a line of co-branded products to, according to Monster, connect everything to everything. The new line of products, labeled HP Monster, is being unleashed at CES 2009 in Vegas.

With storage increasing on electronic devices and a higher demand for data transfer speeds, part of the goal of these products involves new cables to provide more speed for your newer devices when transferring large amounts of data. The list of cable categories is as follows: DisplayPort Monitor Cables, Advanced Cables for HDMI, Ethernet Cables, USB Cables, FireWire Cables, and DVI Monitor Cables. According to claims, these new cables are set to outperform even the highest industry standards.

Along with a new line of cables, the HP Monster line with also include a new line of power centers. The main one being unveiled and pushed with the press is the HP Monster PowerCenter featuring Monster GreenPower (which has won awards already as part of the GreenPower MDP 900). It is designed to lower power loads as well as eliminate unnecessary energy wastes by using a set of specific outlets on the device for peripheral equipment that shut off automatically when the computer goes to sleep.

In addition, there will be a full line of HP Monster surge protection devices available with the co-branded new line of products being brought to you by Monster and HP at CES 2009.

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