Netgear launches 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router

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At today’s Netgear press conference at CES 2009, the company introduced their new 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router to complement their other networking products. The device connects to the internet using your existing mobile broadband card, and allows you to transmit the signal via Wifi so others can join in on the internet fun. I’m sure the mobile carriers are having a field-day with this. Check out the details from the product’s data sheet below.

3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router

The NETGEAR 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router gives you freedom to roam and still remain connected to the Internet. Even better, you can share your wireless 3G broadband connection with others, making it a great alternative to DSL and cable and eliminating the need for multiple 3G subscriptions. The 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router, an activated 3G USB modem, and a broadband data plan are all you need to create instant WiFi hotspots at events, campsites, home offi ces, construction sites, and most any other remote location. Setup and security are easy. The Push ‘N’ Connect WiFi Protected Setup™ (WPS) securely connects the router with a push of a button, while the double fi rewall and VPN pass-through protect your network and make it safe to connect to your business network from home. And when the router isn’t in use, the WiFi on/off and power on/off buttons shut down the WiFi signal and router, reducing power consumption.

Wireless, mobile broadband connection Create instant WiFi hotspots at remote locations, virtually anywhere DSL and cable aren’t available
USB docking station Ensure optimal 3G reception by placing the router where the signal is strongest
Highest WiFi and WPA security available Secure your shared broadband connection from attacks and unwanted “guests”
Compatible 3G USB modems View a current list of compatible 3G USB modems and mobile service providers at
Universal car power adapter Visit for online availability of the convenient universal car power adapter
NETGEAR Green Save energy with the convenient on/off switch
Push ‘N’ Connect Easily connect multiple clients to the router with a single button push Use with 3G Broadband networks

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  • Jack Thurgood

    I’ve been researching my hotspot options all morning and the Netgear router keeps popping up. . I lived in Portland and took for granted that my wireless internet service, Clear (, provided me with hotspots all over the greater downtown Portland area. It was so easy too – all I had to do was plug a wireless USB router into my laptop and I was online. Now I live in Grand Rapids, and although Clear will be here soon, I need a something now.