CES 2009: Monster announces Turbine In-Ear speaker headphones

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Monster Turbine In-Ear Speaker Headphones

Headphones are very important nowadays especially with the emergence of PMPs and MP3 players being so popular. There are many headphone manufacturers out there, and so knowing all the facts and perhaps even testing out headphones before purchasing them is always the safe way to go. Let’s take a closer look at Monster’s newest headphones, the Turbine.

Speakers always sound better than normal headphones because the device is a lot bigger and can provide deep, rich sounds. Monster decided to call the Turbine In-Ear speakers because they believe the quality of their headphones are nearly speaker-like. The Turbine was designed by Noel Lee, head of of Monster. In fact, he spent three years conducting research, playing with prototypes, and perfecting the design for their launch. He wants these to be the headphones that all people wanted.

The Turbine headphones boast 8mm drivers that were created to deliver high quality sound, detail, bass, and clarity normally found in speakers. Again, one of Monster’s main goals was to make these headphones exactly like a good speaker system. Monster also created several eartips in order to ensure good sounds, keep out unwanted noise, and have a comfortable fit.

Noel Lee, Head of Monster, had this to say about the headphones he designed:

“Life is too short to listen to bad headphones. Unfortunately, ordinary headphones simply can’t reproduce the deep bass and rich highs of full-size speaker systems. Monster is on a mission to make headphones sound better, and our new Turbine In-Ear Speakers allow people to hear truly remarkable sound from in-ear headphones. Hearing is believing. After all, the human ear can discern much more than any technical measuring device, and the performance of Monster Turbines needs to be heard to be believed.”

No word on when these are set to retail, but the MSRP is $149.95.

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