Vizio launches Connected HDTV platform, brings Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, more to HDTVs

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Vizio has recently announced the new Connected HDTV platform and with it comes options to stream content from numerous providers. The services are numerous, as as one would imagine Netflix is one of those content providers, however in addition users will also have access to content from Amazon OnDemand, Blockbuster OnDemand, Pandora, Rhapsody, Flickr and more.

To begin using the service, simply connect your Vizio Connected HDTV-enabled TV to your home network and begin to enjoy the available content. As of now an exact release date was not mentioned other than that Vizio plans to have these in the stores “later this year.” No word yet on what the cost will be for the Connected HDTV models. Personally, this sounds like a great platform, it offers numerous content providers and is all done without adding numerous other set-top boxes and further cluttering up your home entertainment center.

Read [Reuters] Via [Gear Live]

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  • Gabe

    Fall? Do I have to wait that long? I can't wait to see what Vizio prices them at.