Meet the new Palm Pre TouchStone

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induction charging Palm Touchstone
This little buddy of the new Palm Pre smartphone is sure to rock users world. The TouchStone is a separate buy for customers of Palm’s new Palm Pre smartphone (not included with the phone) and requires users to install the special battery door. Why would users spring for one more thing? The answer is: no wires.

The Touchstone will repower the Palm Pre wireless through induction. The toad-stool like accessory, plugs into the wall and magnetically holds your Palm Pre. No matter how you place the phone on the Touchstone, the charging begins. But the coolness doesn’t end there.

Not only is it charging, but is fully usable. Should a call come in, a simple touch acknowledging you want to receive the call turns on the speaker phone. Nice and really smart.

Included in the box with the phone will be a standard wall plug, so users that want the latest in wireless induction charging will have to spring for the unknown price. More as it comes.

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  • Gaines

    I'm a pretty loyal Windows Mobile user, however what I've seen so far is very impressive and may entice me to switch. We've even started a community over at to chat about it.

  • JohnE

    You can get these for $10.95 over on ebay now: