Kodak camcorder to get projector?

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The Kodak Zx1While at the Kodak booth we noticed someone pitching the idea that Kodak should add a projector to its Zx1.  

The guy pitching the idea?  A Texas Instruments representative. The Kodak rep, a product manager from the Consumer Digital Group who gave us a demo later, seemed interested, and exchanged business cards.  

Will there be a Kodak camcorder with a projector soon?  We’ll see. I think it is a good idea since you can so many people replay what just happened on the tiny screens on the pocket camcorders. Associate Editor JG Mason thinks this makes no sense since this would be targeting an incredibly niche audience. What do you think?

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  1. Arrgh! I was planning to get the Kodak Zi6 but had to think twice when Kodak announced this.Guess I'll have to wait for a couple of months again.

    Arnold Zafra
  2. Wow, great design pocket camcorder from kodak.

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  3. Kodak small size camera are really fascinating