Awox shows off products that may never ship

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Awox's Video on Demand set top box at CES 2009

CES always has some great products, but was Awox one of them? Awox was showing off a Video-on-Demand set top box. This device can download movies and also had a slot for SD cards and one USB port. The Awox VOD box supports the usual set of image, audio, and video formats. It outputs HD video over component cable or HDMI and has an coaxial or optical audio output.

When I asked them which services the company had partnered with for downloadable content, the Awox representative told me that they had none at the moment. They did not have a release date either. Awox’s plan is to get partners and then release their device in the U.S. and France.

Then why were they at CES without any official products? Perhaps they thought they would have lined up contracts by this time. We’ll wait and see what happens with Awox.

Awox's interface

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