Sennheiser shows off the HD 800 premium headphones

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Sennheiser HD 800Sennheiser has announced its newest edition to their line of headphones: the HD 800. The company promises that these headphones will improve audio quality tenfold by utilizing a new type of transducer as well as ear cup design. Due to the multiple technologies used to create the Sennheiser HD 800, they have secured three patents on the device.

One of the newest parts added to the HD 800 is a new and the largest transducer developed by Sennheiser. The transducer measures 56 millimeters which should purify sound when played at lower frequencies. The diaphragm helps remove sound distortions that occur when the headphones are used at higher frequencies.

Sennheiser’s goal was to also create a spatial listening experience and to do this; they designed the headphones in a way that the sound would enter at a 45 degree angle. Sennheiser says that they put in “high-quality Japanese Alcantara” for comfort in the ear pads.

As far as the style? Nothing too impressive. They have a nice standard design, but nothing really sets them apart from the dozens of other high performance headphones that line the shelf. They will also probably be one of the most expensive pair of headphones that you ever buy as well. The current retail price is $1400.

Product Page [Sennheiser]

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