3D off-road navigation for your phone

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GPS Tuner off road GPS navigationWe all know about GPS navigation for our highways and roads, but how about off road for hikers, bikers, mariners, off-road motor biker, hunter, you get the idea? GPS Tuner has been around a bit offering up GPS tools for those of us that like to get off the roads and off the cell grid. Indeed, GPS Tuner has been guiding lost souls for years.

Powered by Tele Atlas and local map providers, GPS Tuner works with Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs. The device can be used in many ways including things like treasure hunting GPS style: geocaching, keeping track of distance, speeds and gradient. Other fun things like SOS and alarms, online weather data, GPS share, multilingual. I got a quick demo of a prototype and must say the UI is quite slick. The unit zooms in much like Google Earth. It was impressive, check it out.

One of the big pluses of this software is it does not rely on your cell coverage or the internet (OMG, did I just write that?) just a line of sight to the sky for GPS. Maps can be downloaded but the original software install must be done via a memory card.

The software comes in different versions allowing users to tailor make their own solution.

Product page: [GPS Tuner]

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