Powermat will change everything with wireless charging

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Powermat on display with iPhone, iPod touch, and more

If the Powermat wireless charging system lives up to its claims, Powermat is going to be huge. The idea is simple, just place a device like a phone on a Powermat and your phone is charged. There is no need for lots of wires or numerous power adapters; you just need a mat and a device.

The walk through of the product was fantastic. Powermat had actual working versions of their product. The first thing to see was the iPhone in a sleek case atop a white mat.

Charging is done by magnetic induction. There is audio and visual feedback when you place an object on the mat with a chirp and glowing light. If you don’t place the device in the right spot, there is an audio and flashing light alert. The mat interacts with RFID in the receivers to determine how much to charge. Once a device is charged, the Powermat stops charging the device.

Powermat had several different models of cases for phones including the BlackBerry, iPhone, and Moto Razr. For devices that charge over USB, Powermat has a Power Disc that has a USB interface with an adapter kit. Also of note was a “Power puck” (that may not be the official name) that connected to your preexisting laptop. The puck has a power cable for your computer that is attached to a puck shaped receiver. You place that receiver on the powermat and you are good to go. You can also see that in the image gallery.

They even had a floating power outlet, you can see it in use in the photo gallery. Look for the picture with the mixer.

Each mat is about $100 and each receiver is $29.99. It doesn’t matter what the style is, the prices stay the same. That’s a great idea to get people to pick up the product. The product will be launched worldwide with the U.S. being the first country to get Powermat products.

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  • Amy

    I can't wait to get a hold of one of these. My phone, iPod and laptop all charging at the same time with only one plug?!? So sweet.

  • carrie h

    This is such an exciting product; I can't wait to get my own!

  • courtd

    for sure on my "to buy" list, can't wait to test it out!

  • Todd

    Wireless power? Awesome!