Apple ditches Macworld, latches onto CES in 2010

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CES logoThe CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), group that puts on CES each year, have confirmed that CES 2010 will have a dedicated Apple section. While out at Macworld, IGD held a town hall to start the discussion on the future of Macworld, figuring out how they will move ahead without Apple’s presence.

With this announcement, many have begun to rumor that Apple may too join the party in Vegas, but that seems a bit unlikely. It does make sense to have a dedicated Apple section at the show, but should more appropriately be called “Apple Accessories”. To be honest, it seems that they could almost fill an entire wing of the convention center with iPod docks, iPhone cases, matching portable hard drives, and more. I would certainly appreciate if these were sectioned out, though it may be tough now that almost everyone company has some Apple accessory or another. But the likelihood of Apple actually joining the party seems extremely unrealistic. If they are not going to do Macworld, why would they do CES — Apple has never been the company that plays well with other’s rules.

That being said, it would be very interesting if Steve Jobs can do the opening CES keynote.

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