Video: Intel shows off Minority Report-like glass touch screen at CES

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minority report touch screen

Ever since the movie Minority Report came out in 2002, large touch screens have been compared to the infamous one in the movie. This year at CES, Intel showed off a rough prototype touch screen that involved projecting an image from the rear onto a piece of glass. We don’t have many details other than what we saw with our own eyes, but it seemed that the piece of glass was rigged with some capacitive sensors between two pieces of glass, and it was powered by Intel’s new Core i7 chip.

The prototype showcased the products on display in the company’s booth and allowed us to drag around a 3D image of their booth. Once we found something we were interested in, we clicked on it on the 3D model and it took us to more information about our selection.

It took us some messing around to figure this out, but unfortunately the prototype technology only allowed us to drag around with one finger at a time – unlike the Microsoft Surface’s multi-touch support, for example [see video below]. As you can see below, there’s a bit of a delay when you’re trying to drag the model around, but it was good enough to get their point across. The prototype wasn’t perfect – with it being a prototype and all – but I’m sure we’ll seeing some great new products stemming from Intel’s research in the near future.

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